FishForecast No.1!

FishForecast becomes No.1 selling sports app on the iTunes store! FishForecast is helping angler’s across the country catch more fish. The UK’s first and only app that calculates the weather conditions then tells you what species to target, and how to catch them. Download NOW!



NEVER BLANK AGAIN! FishForecast is an app that calculates the weather conditions, tells you what species to target & then how to catch them! Packed full of features this app will catch you more fish. Download now!


iRigs Lite is Here!

Now you can get loads of rigs on both the iPhone and Android device! Our Lite edition of the Top 10 sports app iRigs features tons of information and crafty tips to help you tie the perfect rig and catch more fish! Check them out here: Android iPhone


iRigs on Korda!

Our iRigs App features many of the inventive Carp Fishing Korda products from Leads to Hooks. Get the iRigs App now and learn how Darrel Peck ties the Combi-Rig. Follow the easy step by step guide and learn how to tie rigs like the professionals! iRigs is the most feature packed Carp app on the market and is an essential piece of kit to help you bank Carp no matter what the situation. Get it iRigs now


iRigs makes Top 10!

This week iRigs entered the Top 10 Grossing Sports App on the iTunes store. After a substantial update and bit of cheeky marketing our fan base has continued to expand. Now we need some more suggestions from you guys to make it even better!


Coming Soon…

Currently under construction is the brand new iRigs website. The new site will be a place where users can leave feedback about the app to continue to make iRigs even better.


iRigs update!

iRigs V1.2 is now out and contains almost double the content. It now features even more rigs, a lead systems guide, hook guide, lead guide and a illustrated knots guide not to mention the new colour coded feature that will instantly help you decide which lake bed each rig is most suited to.


New iAngler website!

Welcome to iAngler. We’re constantly developing our brand to bring you the latest technology, designed to the highest level. No matter what level your business is at we can help take it to the next level and help your business grow, so give us a call as we are happy to discuss all business opportunities.