Thinking of going fishing? But don’t know what to target?!

Welcome to FishForecast. The UK’s first and only app that calculates the weather and moon conditions,
then tells you what to fish for, giving you the best chance of landing that fish of a lifetime!

FishForecast is a brand new app, which gathers data from a selection of weather variables that influence
how fish feed and then tells you which species to target. With iAnglers inside out knowledge of
individual species feeding patterns and habitats, each day we offer you 3 different options which are best
suited to the day ahead.

Not only does FishForecast tell you what type of fish to go target every day, we tell you WHERE to
catch them and also HOW to catch them. That means what tackle, rigs, baits and tactics to deploy in
order to make your fishing trips more successful. You’ll never blank again.

FishForecast is in the iTunes store for only £2.99

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