QQM Illustrations

Quack Quack Moo Practical Children’s Clothing needed to establish itself in an overcrowded market place and go up against some heavy weight brands.

With a blank canvas we wanted to develop a brand that oozed personality and charm and create a brand that reflected the companies quirky name. With the word “Quack” in the title we just couldn’t resist designing a duck (otherwise known as Quackers) and with the client happy we set about making a Quack Quack Moo World. From characters to landscapes we have built an environment packed to the rafters with animals and alphabets to help children learn and develop in a fun/creative way.

Opposite are just a few of the gang but for more info about the company check out their website.

Quack Quack MooNaughty BamBamThe Dream DonkeyCaptain Oinkalot