Specialized Hookbaits

Once in a while a product comes along that is completely different to everything else on the market. Specialized Hookbaits produce baits that are made in a completely different manner to the competition. Their fresh approach to bait making needed a website that reflected their fresh ideas and products. With this in mind the iAngler design team set about creating a website that eliminated the unnecessary and focused on the product.

An often neglected aspect to many websites is the photography. Far too many agencies rely upon stock image and client generated photography. In our minds this is just not acceptable and after lots of experimenting with tank tests and lighting we created breath taking pin sharp close ups along with high detailed shots of the bait reacting with the surrounding water.

Last but not least we set about generating a logo that not only stood out from the others but also instantly gained a classic feel. Drawing inspiration from Disney fantasy and blending it with a contemporary typeface, the Specialized Hookbaits logo stands strong amongst its rivals.

To check out the website in more detail, head over to the site here